Below are some of Montana's players and teachers of the harp.  This includes folk harpers (who play small to medium-sized lever harps often in  the Celtic or folk style) and pedal harpists (who play large concert pedal harps often in the classical style).  Feel free to contact them to play for your special event or for lessons!  (Note, email addresses are spelled out and phone numbers do not include area code for spam prevention.)  
For those who do not have contact information listed, send us an email on the Contact Us page with a brief description of your event, and we will get you in contact with an appropriate harpist in your area.  If you would like to be added to this list, please Contact Us with your name, town, preferred contact information, and whether you would like to be listed as a harp teacher.


Leigh Ann Bekemeyer  - Missoula

Pam Broussard  - Missoula

Berit Bank Plautz  - Missoula

Janel Traver  - Missoula                         getfit[at]q[dot]com, 728-6292

Alice Williams - Missoula

Cynthia Wood - Missoula

Avery Vernon  - Missoula

Brittany Hallahan, Wedding Harpist - Missoula   brittanyannebauer[at]gmail[dot]com                   561-504-6989

Missoula Area

Anita Courtney - Bonner           anitac[at]montana[dot]com

Maria VanLobensels - Bonner

Janice Mineer (teacher) - Lolo jkmineer[at]yahoo[dot]com

Suzanne Harris - Corvallis

406-241-8232 Leave vm

Jane Shigley - Hamilton

Flathead Area

Olivia Diamond - Whitefish

Katy Meyers (teacher) - Kalispell                                   471-6982, katymeyers7[at]gmail[dot]com                 Experienced performer at weddings, celebrations, gatherings, you name it! 

Rose Ottosen - Bigfork

Debbie Conrad - Polson

Helena Area

Tess Michel (teacher) - Helena tessmichel17[at]gmail[dot]com

Kim Peachy (teacher) - Helena  peachykeys38[at]gmail[dot]com

Jeremiah Senner - Butte

Jan Schuetz - Dillon

Kelly Weinacht (teacher) - Dillon

Great Falls Area

Lonnie Baker - Great Falls

Megan Juras - Dutton

Karen Matteson - Cascade

Kristina Miller - Great Falls


High-Line Area

Mary Stevens, CCM CTHP, VAHTP - Havre Specializes in Therapeutic Harp Music and Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy. VAHT[at]itstriangle[dot]com 

Washington State

Serena Miller - Spokane, WA   serenaannemiller[at]yahoo[dot]com

Bozeman Area

Angela Espinosa (teacher) - Bozeman                    581-0409; angelaharp74[at]yahoo[dot]com

Jane Freeburg - Bozeman jane[at]queenmabcelticmusic[dot]com

Nancy Wilson - Bozeman

Janet Witt - Bozeman 

Brianna Vlach - Bozeman

Malinda Jones - Clyde Park

April Barnes - Manhattan
Alicia Watts - Belgrade

Billings Area

Daisy Eddy - Billings                 ajeddy[at]bresnan[dot]net, 656-3013

Cathleen Kuras  - Billings

Amanda Olson (teacher) - Billings leander88[at]msn[dot]com

Sarah Kloewer Pett (teacher) - Miles City   Eastern Montana Harp Studio website

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